August 22, 2014


Here's another Memebox unboxing for you girls. This time it's the Memebox superbox #28 free from oil & trouble 3. This box is out of stock now, but the 4th free from oil & trouble edition is out. I'm so addicted to these boxes lately, but I guess I have to wait for a while to purchase them again. Money problems here :P I was so happy when I won the 5th prize on Sparkly Chee's giveaway :D My prize were 10 Memepoints, which counts as $10 that could be used on the website of Memebox. I had my eye on the free from oil & trouble memebox for awhile, so it didn't take long for me to make my decision.

August 12, 2014


Last Saturday I went to the capital of Belgium called 'Brussels'. This was my very first time visiting the city. If you love luxury designer brands, then this is the place to be! ^^ For me, it was window shopping hihi.. I couldn't believe my eyes when I was there. I reminded me of Paris. It's a city packed with cultures, architecture, monuments, history and art. It looked like I ended up in France instead of Belgium. The buildings there look absolute splendid! I had seen another city, which I wanted to explore. I sure had a lovely day in Brussels :) Now on to the next city :3

August 4, 2014


Hello my readers :) Today I have another look for you guys. I haven't uploaded an ootd for a while and I thought yesterday was the perfect moment to take some shots. The weather here in the Netherlands has been very sunny those weeks, which I'm very satisfied with. I'm so loving the summer season! Wearing shorts, dresses, shirts again and getting a light tan ^^ It's my favorite season of the whole year. This summer it's all about highwaisted shorts and crop tops. I got this oversized crop top awhile ago and I think it looks perfect with a pair of high-waisted shorts. I added some blue accessoires for a little bit more color. I went out for some delightful pasta and bubble tea yesterday. Pasta is one of my all time favorite dishes. I think I'am able to eat it once every week XD Underneath you see the oufit I was wearing yesterday. 
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